Working with men has been an increasing specialty for me. Perhaps being one myself gives me special insights. In general, men are more comfortable seeking personal coaching than ever before. Whether they are just returning from deployment risking their life at war or executives, men are searching for guidance.

In addition to traditional psychological techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Family Therapy, my approach includes positive psychology and executive or life coaching. Creating a meaningful vision of the future in their personal life, family or interpersonal life and career helps motivate people to identify dysfunctional patterns that may be obstacles to their vision. In that context people get better faster and sustain their growth over time

What you can expect from your sessions:

  1. Understanding and support for who you are
  2. Education about your presenting issue and strategies to help manage or eliminate them.
  3. Be referred to books and literature that will enhance you life
  4. An intellectual thought partner. Someone whom you can talk with about all your thoughts, concerns and dreams without criticism. Too often dreams and fears are not discussed for fear of retribution or criticism. I will help draw out these deeper themes so they can be incorporated into your life or put into meaningful perspective.

This is why I love what I do, because it works.

Supporting men in their journey to shift from survival to thrivival* is the joy of my work. I find that most men are working so hard that they lose perspective of their original goals and dreams. Men (and of course women) who are ready to shift their focus back onto their true purpose and follow their internal wizard and relax into their success and create more joy and meaning are encouraged to contact Dr. Tweedy.

Alan Cohens book “Relax Into Wealth,” illustrates this concept wonderfully. He says that by relaxing into your true self you will be able to read the signs along the road better directing you to success.

* “Thrivival” is a term created by Psychiatrist Howard Richmond, MD. It means “to move past survival of the fittest and into thravival of the awakest.”