Coaching is a very dynamic and comprehensive process for which there is a solid return on investment. Coaching by a well trained and experienced coach can facilitate eager executives and professionals to be significantly more productive in their work. Athletes have benefited from coaching and now those same benefits are being offered for professionals to excel in their personal growth and careers, and so can you.

Research on coaching has established its value and has demonstrated that coaching can provide many times more to the company than they have invested in it. Furthermore, professionals who have been coached report feeling more satisfied in their work and tend to remain with companies longer than those that have not received coaching. The evidence is strong and convincing.

Coaching is now viewed as a valuable and prestigious benefit in all industries. The return on investment has been reported at 5.7 times the original investment. Executives who had been coached for 6 to 12 months reported significant improvement in job satisfaction, productivity, leadership development, team building and improved interpersonal skills

Dr. Tweedy’s coaching model:

  • Assessment of personal, leadership traits, strengths, values from which to design a plan targeted at improving specific areas of functioning. Several testing instruments will be administered from which to derive objective goals to build an individualized coaching plan. An important part of this process includes an in-depth understanding of a client’s passion for life and subsequent personal and professional dreams and goals.
  • Integrate the assessment findings with the expressed goals to develop a clear understanding of how self-discovery, interpersonal skill building with a focused plan work together to achieve these goals.
  • Measure success and reinforce it. Establish an individualized system to recognize and reinforce growth.
  • Establish a long-term plan to support ongoing growth and adjust when goals change.
  • Have fun throughout this experience as there is so much joy and personal satisfaction involved with these changes.